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Each brand is unique and requires a customized photography solution that fits its needs and target audience.  We designed the space specifically for professional photographers in the Greater Toronto Area to capture that perfect image of their product and services.



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Most prominent to medium size corporations have already jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon, followed by plenty of small businesses. Professionally photographed product photos are an essential part of any online business. From corporate websites to Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social platforms, users tend to purchase products which look appealing, are professionally photographed and have clear messaging.

At The Glasshouse Studios, we have provided the studio space for many retailers, Marketing and Advertising agencies, and corporate clients to shoot E-commerce products.

With social commerce increasing significantly yearly, you don’t want to miss out on your product sales. Online product shopping is becoming a trend from Pinterest to Facebook and Instagram. Your Target audience tends to purchase products they can visually connect with online.

Are you looking for an Ecommerce photography studio to capture the perfect eCommerce products? Book your studio space today.