Terms & Conditions

The studio is located at 90 Performance Drive. Suite 202, Richmond Hill, ON

There is free parking in the front and the back of the building, plus free street parking. 


Entry is in front of the building in the middle doors

Elevator Access

Studio is on the 2nd floor and has a passenger elevator access.  There is a double wide stair case as well to move in larger and heavy equipment/furniture.           

After-hours Entry

The front door entry will lock after 7pm.  If you have an after hour scheduled booking, please call 905-508-8884 to gain entry.  One of our Service Representatives will come and open the door for you.

Studio Policy

The party renting the studio is responsible for observing these guidelines. Failure to observe these guidelines will be grounds for loss of future access to the studio and/or damage charges.
We appreciate your cooperation in observing these rules. We ask that everyone respects the space and leaves the rooms clean and tidy in order to avoid additional cleaning fees.

Please check in with the front reception when you arrive.

During check-in, you will be asked Covid screen questions, please answer truthfully and honestly

Face coverings are mandatory in all common areas of the building and studio. Please also abide by the 2-meter (6ft) distance rule.

Please coordinate with your clients their times of arrival to minimize groupings in our common area.

Please ensure your clients have a change of clean shoes to ensure our sets remain stain free. Or remove the carpet/rug if “indoor shoes” are not an option. Our staff can provide you with a shoe tray to keep the outdoor shoes organized.

PETS: During the holiday season, Pets are allowed, however you will be responsible for all messes and damages.

Our room capacities are as follows: 

ZOE – 5 including photographer

ELLE – 5 including photographer

CELESTE – 7 including photographer

AMALIA – 8 including photographer

SOPHIA – 8 including photographer

Our front desk concierge will visit the room 5 minutes prior to your booking and do a thorough clean along with a walk through with you to ensure the condition of the room is picture ready.  10 mins post session (before you leave) they will revisit to ensure that it is tidy. Please ensure you leave the room clean and with the furniture and props back to their original place for the next guest.

If there are any damages to the floor / furniture / equipment, you will be asked to reimburse the cost of the damage. If the room is left untidy, you will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.

All garbage brought into studio room must be cleaned and put into garbage bins inside the studio room or brought to the front garbage bin after your shoot is completed. If there is garbage left behind, you will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.

Since none of the studio rooms are soundproof, please keep the noise level to a reasonable volume, including any use of music. Music played in the studio must not contain any explicit content.

Moving and using furniture from another room is allowed however only our own reception staff may move it for you.

The V Flats provided in each room are to be used with proper care. If the V Flat is damaged after use, you will be subject to a replacement fee of $200.

Guests are not permitted behind the reception area. Please do not place anything on the reception desk.

  1. Single studio room rental id for photo use only. Please contact us directly to book the entire Studio space for your video shoot and/or events.

  2. All items must be brought into the studio rooms you are renting. We are not responsible for loss or damages to items left in the common areas.

There is no freight elevator available however there are two doublewide stair cases for heavy equipment and furniture.  The studio is equipped with it’s own scaffold for rent for $50 on a first come, first serve bases.

Cancellation Policy

The Glasshouse Studios will credit any rescheduled booking date based on availability without an increase or penalty in our hourly rates.  No refunds will be issued.  

Thank you for choosing The Glasshouse Studios.