Exclusive: The Inspiration Behind This Year’s Holiday Sets
Holiday Inso graphic

The Glasshouse Studios in-house designer, Sophie Koniavitis, shares some exclusive details about the upcoming holiday sets that will take over the studios by mid-October. Learn more about what you can expect this holiday season—and book now so you don’t miss out!

What is the overall feel/inspiration for this year’s holiday sets at The Glasshouse Studios?

Each of our holiday sets will focus on evoking a different feeling and experience. Our five suites will each have a unique look, making it easy for families to find the perfect one for them.

  • Remembering and creating childhood memories for the entire family in our Candyland-themed Zoe suite.
  • Relaxing and enjoying a cozy cabin in our Elle suite.
  • Bringing a more intimate experience in our Celeste suite with the glitter and sexiness of gold and black elements. Perfect for holiday boudoir!
  • Bringing the outdoors inside as our Amalia suite is transformed into a winter wonderland.
  • Celebrating a classic Christmas with opulence and glamour in our Sophia suite. 

What finishes can we expect to see?

Clients can expect a bright and colourful Christmas tree decorated with sweets, treats and a gingerbread house in our Candyland-inspired Zoe suite.

Our cozy cabin set, in Elle, will feature wood, leather and faux furs—the ultimate in creating a textured, modern look.

Expect glitter, and more glitter, in Celeste!

Our winter wonderland in Amalia will feature a faux ice rink, lined by trees and lamp posts.

Flocked Christmas trees, adorned with white, silver and powder blue accents will be the focal point in our glamourous Sophia suite.

What is your process for designing the suites?

I like to get inspired by my own experiences and memories of the holidays with family and friends.

My goal is for each of the sets is to tell a story. From there, I draw upon the sights, smells and tastes of the holidays. I often begin with a single ornament, a sample of fabric or piece of furniture, and layer on additional elements to create depth and dimension.

What will be different from last year?

There’s truly something for everyone…no matter how you celebrate the holiday season.

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