You can conveniently book with us online. Our booking system will allow you to see the availability of dates and times and are updated in real time. 

Upon arrival at the studio, you will be required to check in at our front desk for Covid-19 safety screenings, before being directed into your booked room.

• Hour 1 is full price
• Hour 2 to 3 is 10% off
• Hour 4 to 7 is 20% off
• Hour 8+ is 25% off

After your minimum 1-hour booking, The Glasshouse Studios allows 30-minute time slot bookings.

If the timeslot is available after your original allocated time, you can speak with one of our service representatives and purchase additional hours as needed.

We understand things happen and we are happy to make a one booking time / date change for you complimentary if in the same room. Any additional changes will incur a charge of $25 +hst per request. If you are changing your reservation to a different room, applicable fees will apply.

A face covering is mandatory in all common areas of the building for anyone older than 2 years of age. This includes front foyer, elevator, stairwell, and reception area.

Once you are inside your reserved room, the face covering may be removed. Sanitization stations are placed in every room, along the hallway, and in both washrooms. Our service representatives will continually sanitize and wipe down all common areas and high contact surfaces.

We have ample free parking both in front and behind our building, plus free parking along Performance Drive. When parking behind the building, it is recommended that you unload all your belongings inside first as there is no access to the building from the back.

The studio, which is located on the second floor, is accessible by elevator. There is also an extra wide staircase if needed to move bigger furniture pieces.

Our studio has free Wi-Fi for all guests. The username/password for the Wi-Fi is located at the reception desk.

We have two washrooms available for guest use. One is a regular two-piece and the other is a barrier-free/accessible washroom. Both washrooms are unisex.

We ask that you are respectful of other people, and that you ensure you leave the area clean for the next person to use.

The washrooms are cleaned hourly by our service representatives as well.

We know that sometimes things get forgotten or can be difficult to transport which is why we have included several complimentary items available for use at the studio. These items available are on a first come first serve basis and include:

• V-Flats (White and Black)
• Clamps
• Sand Bags
• Extension Cord
• Steamer
• Step Stool
• Fan
• Reflector

Pack lighter—we’ve got a number of items at our studio for rent and purchase.

• LEDgo LG-B560CII LED Light Bi-Color – $35
• AlienBee (Paul C. Buff) 800w Light with transmitter and receiver – $50
• Gaffer and Painter Tape – $5 for every 6inches
• Batteries – $5/per 2 batteries (Double A)
• Backdrop Stand – $20 per use a roll
• C-Stand – $15 per stand

The Glasshouse Studios will credit any rescheduled booking date with a minimum of 24-hour’s notice based on availability, without an increase or penalty in our hourly rates. If a cancellation or request is required within the allotted 24-hour notice timeframe, you will be required to re-book a new time at the current set rate. No refunds will be issued.

We accept PayPal and credit card transactions for our online bookings. Payments for additional time or rental items are processed onsite at Glasshouse Studios through credit card or debit. Cash and e-transfer payments are not accepted.

Our last regular-priced booking is scheduled for 9 p.m. After-hour bookings are accepted and will be scheduled and booked manually. The hourly price for after-hour bookings is $195 per hour.

Our front desk concierge staff will visit the room 15 to 20 minutes prior to your booking and do a thorough clean, along with a walk through with you, to ensure the condition of the room is picture perfect. 

10 minutes post-session (before you leave), they will revisit to ensure that it is tidy. Please ensure you leave the room clean and with the furniture and props back to their original place for the next guest.

What is the room capacity for bridal parties if there are more than 10 people including photographer and videographer?

If you have more than 12 people including the bride and groom, wedding party and vendors, you should be renting both Amalia and Sophia. We will offer a 10 per cent discount when booking both rooms. 

Our studio is the perfect space for video production. However, please note, there are no drop ceilings! The ceiling is opened, so if you require a quiet environment please reach out to us to book the entire space for your exclusive experience.
Cake Smashes are permitted at the studio under the following conditions:
1) Cake smashes are to be held in Sophia and Amalia only
2) Client and Cake should be in the middle of the room and on seamless paper and be placed away from the walls
3) Please ensure to bring your own seamless
4) You must add an additional 30mins to your booking which will be used for clean up purposes
5) Attaching anything to the walls is prohibited
6) Additional cleaning fee may apply