Looking Inside The Glasshouse Studios

The Glasshouse Studios: Upon visiting the name might seem obvious—with large floor to ceiling windows, the venue would appear to be a gleaming glass house. The name, however, goes beyond the physical appearance. 

Our studio is a statement; a philosophy; a place of empowerment. The Glasshouse Studios is a women-led and inspired photography studio, created and designed by an all-female team of professionals in photography, interior and graphic design: Sofiya, Shiri and Sophie. Each brings an extensive amount of expertise in their respective field, offering a combined industry experience of 25 years. 

Shiri and Sofiya are sought-after newborn and family photographers, and Sophie is a visionary in the interior design industry. Their collective talents have conceived and shaped this magnificent studio space. 

Individually, they all began their careers in a male-centric corporate world where their innovative ideas and visions were not able to fully flourish. As mothers, they each decided to venture into entrepreneurship and shatter the glass ceilings that were preventing them from doing so (for those who may be unfamiliar, the term “glass ceiling” is a metaphor referring to an artificial barrier that prevents women and minorities from being promoted to executive-level positions within an organization). 

Through their own efforts, in addition to this new collective, they work tirelessly to continue break barriers and pave the way for other female entrepreneurs. In addition to the significance behind the name of the business, every room within The Glasshouse Studios also carries a specific symbolism with positive energy.

• Zoe, the bright white ethereal beauty bears a name of Greek origin which means “life.” This is the first studio room you see which allows guests to enter a light and airy space upon entering. This room, because of its softness is used for maternity sessions, newborn sessions, and family and children lifestyle sessions. It acts beautifully as an entry into life.
• Elle comes from the Hebrew meaning shining light and the French pronoun “elle” meaning “she.” Like a powerful woman whose shining strength can have many facets, so too does this room. With its many artistic components such as different colored concrete walls and boho wall, it is suited for many types of photography.
• Celeste, a French name meaning celestial; this heavenly beauty is a lavish and luxurious suite designed with boudoir photography in mind.
• Amalia, this name means tender goddess which is perhaps the best description of this room. While the room is modern and sleek, it too offers a warm softness through its styling making it a wonderful backdrop for a lifestyle or professional portrait photography. 
• Sophia is a name of Greek origin meaning wisdom. Sophia is the epitome of opulence and classic French style reminiscent of Marie Antoinette (a powerful empress). 
• Halle, the make-up station also has a significant name. This is the only name that was specifically related back to a celebrity, being Halle Barry, the embodiment of strength, beauty and success. 

Every aspect of The Glasshouse Studios was designed with intention. The philosophy of female empowerment also extends beyond the physical structure of the building, as Shiri, Sofiya and Sophie also work towards giving back to the community, partnering with women’s shelters and organizations who also support working women to continue to break barriers.