Pop the champagne! The Glasshouse Studios is marking its one-year anniversary
three women at a reception desk at a photography studio

As The Glasshouse Studios heads into the last quarter of 2021, we are optimistic that there is nothing but excitement waiting for us in 2022. What does that look like?

Owners Shiri and Sofiya chat about some of the challenges and rewards of thee past year – as well as a look ahead!


What has been the most rewarding part of the first year of business?

Shiri: Still thriving even for being shut down through the pandemic. It’s truly something to be grateful for.

Sofiya: For me the most rewarding part is that we have managed to have a team that has helped us grow and continue growing. We have met some wonderful people through our journey and are so lucky to be surrounded by people that believe in us and our vision.


What has been the biggest challenge of the past year?

Shiri: Being shut down for so many months was hard on us for many reasons. Things are turning around quickly, though, and we are seeing lots of movement especially for our 2021 holiday sets!

Sofiya: The biggest challenge has been to keep the momentum going. As soon as we started picking up the speed we felt like we were being limited and pulled back. It can be hard not to feel defeated during these times.


What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Shiri: Room transformations! We can’t wait to give our space a makeover. We are always listening to clients to learn more about what they want to see in this space. Also, we look forward to having more commercial and branding sessions in studios – and developing partnerships with agencies.

Sofiya: Continuing to grow and doing some amazing things! We have big plans ahead. We are looking to start an initiative to give back to the community. Shiri and I have been talking since we opened to offer headshots and wardrobe consultation for women in collaboration with the organization ‘Dress for Success.’ We’re looking forward to getting that started in the new year.